Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here It Comes...

The snow has begun. We're either going to get a city-stopping deluge or a craptastic mix of snow, sleet and rain. All I know is it better not f-ck up my chances of seeing The Rosebuds tonight. They were a blast last time. I've been looking forward to their return for a while. I'll be pissed if the weather keeps me away.

Editors were really good the other night. They have a great bombastic sound that's a bit overpowering at times. Amazing light show and more than a few rockstar poses. Very entertaining. The singer is quite the bundle of energy. About an hour, including the encore. Normally I'd say that was a bit short, but to be honest, I was starting to get bored by the end. The songs all started to sound the same to me after a while. Good show though.

Hot Hot Heat was pretty forgettable. Not bad. Not great. Eh. I think quite a few people were there to see them though. I got there just as they came on and the place was already packed all the way to the back. sheesh. It actually cleared out a tiny bit when Editors came on. That helped a bit.

I'm determined to get the remainder of my cds into iTunes this week. I'm down to the last 50 or so. So close...

MAL (probably nsfw) this weekend. Not sure what our plans are, if we even bother going. We usually get a room downtown for the weekend, but we didn't do that this year. We'll see what happens.

Did you get to the concert? We had a room for MAL this weekend, but cancelled it yesterday. We'll still be there, just not staying in town.
Yep. Made it with no problems. Good show. They're always fun.

We ended up getting a room for the weekend just this morning. Since it's supposed to snow more, we decided to just stay in town, rather than driving back and forth.

Look for us.
Coachella lineup just announced:
Thanks for the Coachella link. I'm gonna pass, since it sounds like there's going to be an east coast version in August.
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