Saturday, December 15, 2007


So I get to do two of my favorite things tonight.

2 of my favorite local bands (along with a slew of other folks sitting in) are playing a big Xmas show at the 9:30 Club tonight. It's "A Washington Social Christmas", featuring Washington Social Club (duh), The Dance Party, Jukebox the Ghost, Caverns, members of Exit Clov, Laura from Georgie James and who knows who else. Guaranteed to be a blast.

Immediately following this show, they're going to clear the club and open the doors for the Xmas version of Blowoff. Hopefully, with Town opening down the street the crowd will be slightly smaller. Either way, it sounds like everyone I know is gonna be there, so fun will be had by all.

Unfortunately, it's also doubling as a going-away party for our favorite DC bartender, as he and is bf are moving up to the Arctic Circle to pursue bigger and better things. Stay warm boys.

Between the multiple events and crappy weather, Dinger and I decided to just stay in town for the night. (Thanks, Priceline). We may actually stay at Blowoff until the very end for once. From what I understand, that's when it gets crazy. We'll see.

Speaking of Mr. Mould, you can download his new single here. Listen. Rock. It looks like he's playing 9:30 on 3/15. I think the presale is over, but tix will probably go on sale soon enough.

I spend way too much time at the 9:30 Club.

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