Friday, August 24, 2007


Random Music Stuff

Let's see...

I saw Pat Benatar twice this week. She was great, but she needs to mix it up a bit. I think she played the same setlist every time I've seen her recently. She still sounds terrific though. She can still belt it out with the best of 'em. Neil is still looking fine. I was late to the Baltimore show. Apparently the 9:00 time listed on the website referred to the main act - not the opener. By the time I got there she was into the second song. Oh well...

R.E.M. is releasing what could potentially be the most boring live CD/DVD ever. After saying for years that they didn't like live records and they didn't want to do one unless it was something special, they're releasing a random show from the Around The Sun Tour. Only 3 IRS-era songs and too many from their most boring record to date. As for the DVD, I'm sure it'll be fine, but 11 of these songs were included on the last live DVD. The only interesting thing in this package is the inclusion of Mike Mills singing "Rockville". I'll buy it. I'm a lemming like that. I'm sure it's actually quite good - just a disappointing selection. It's almost like they're trying too hard to stay in the public eye. There are better ways to do this than by putting out mediocre product. Maybe I'm just bitter about missing those Dublin shows.

Update: You can view "Bad Day" from the DVD here. I wasn't even halfway through it before I started getting a headache and had to stop it. I hope the whole thing isn't shot like this.

Dinger and I went to see a bunch of local frontmen doing the unplugged/singer-songwriter thing the other night. It turned out to be one best shows I've seen in a while. It was Marty of WSC, Mick and Kevin (mmmm...) from The Dance Party and Stephen from Middle Distance Runner. They each played a 3-song set, then made way for the next guy. They repeated that 3 different times. That was a great way to run things. You never had the opportunity to get bored. They also sat in with each other a bit, which is always fun to see. One of the ladies from Exit Clov sat-in with Marty. Marty sat in with The Dance Party guys. A couple guys from MDR joined Steven for a couple songs. It was just a good, low-key, fun night. I hope they keep doing things like this.

I got Van Halen tickets. They cost way too much, but I figure there's a good chance they're going to implode before they get here anyway. I'll give 50/50 odds that it gets canceled and I get my money back. Over $40 in service charges on 2 tickets. Ouch.

Speaking of canceled...well...postponed really...It looks like Morrissey is making a return to Baltimore to make up for his canceled show. God forbid the folks at The Ram's Head actually give anyone information. They haven't said a word since the night the original show was canceled. Nothing about a postponement, refunds, etc. Just "No show tonight. See ya." I'm assuming the old tickets are still valid. Oh yeah - The show is on Halloween. Spoooky.

Are we on the topic of canceled shows? Good - because the mother-f--cking Cure "postponed" their upcoming show too. Don't worry. They'll be back. Most likely in April/May. Wow - I don't think I've ever bought tickets nearly a year in advance before. Thanks Robert!

Tomorrow I'll probably be at the show for aging punks at the Velvet Lounge. And I mean that in a good way. Ottley, Rustbuckit and New Standard are playing. Promises to be a fun night.

Local band Cedars is breaking up. That really sucks. They were definitely one of the better bands in town. Farewell show coming soon.

Very busy, but not much going on. Typical for me.

Pfft. Well, at least you went to the concert. 2 of them, in fact! I forgot about it. As far as R.E.M., I liked Staring at the Sun. But it's a completely different sound then their older stuff (which I prefer more). When I saw them in '95; it was by far one of the best shows I've ever attended. They had a great line-up of old and current songs.
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