Sunday, August 19, 2007



I think my first gay crush may have been Neil Geraldo - Pat Benatar's guitar player/husband. He was incredibly good looking, had a habit of wearing sleeveless shirts, great hair and had arms I still wish I had. All that and a guitar player too. Swoon.

He's still handsome - just with more of a tattooed Anderson Cooper look.

Neil and that rock-chick wife of his are playing in the area twice this week. Tonight in bumfuck, Virginia. Tuesday in Balmer, hon.

Check him out in this video. Yum.

And I'll be at the bawlmer show. Too bad the old Hammerjacks isn't still around. That would've been the best setting.
I'll be there too. Look for me!
No Way! I will!
Mike Dolfi still wears sleeveless shirts...
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