Thursday, July 26, 2007


The Return of Faraquet?

It's true - according to the folks at Dischord:

The members of Faraquet have announced plans to re-unite for a Brazilian tour this September and are gathering recordings from their various singles to look into re-issuing them onto a CD compilation. The Brazilian shows will feature a line-up featuring original members, Chad Molter and Devin Ocampo -- but not Jeff Boswell. However, the band hopes to play DC area shows upon the release of the CD with the full original line-up. Faraquet tour dates will be posted on the tours page as soon as they are confirmed.

Faraquet is like the jazzy older brother of Medications. Amazing band that I regrettably missed the first time around.

hmmm...According to the Medications website their drummer left the band. That's a shame. He was amazing to watch play. I'm glad I saw them at Fort Reno last week. "...medications will exist in a drummer-less state for the time being." Rats.

I remember that band name, from the day; but never saw them. I'll have to keep my eye out for them!
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