Monday, June 04, 2007


Weekend Stuff

Could the weekend have been a little better? I think not.

It started on Saturday with a couple of cute boys hanging out by the pool, followed by a much-needed nap, then a show at The Black Cat. We caught The Pipettes on the second date of their US tour. I was quite surprised to find The Cat sold-out, considering they don't even have a US release yet. Apparently, the hipsters love them some old-school girl-group action. Polka-dot party dresses, happy little songs that weren't always so happy, lots of hand-clapping and synchronized dancing. You can't really ask for much more than that. I went into it never having heard a note from them. Everyone I talked to described them the same way: "They're good and a lot of fun, but the songs all sound the same after a while." They played for about an hour. After they were done, I thought to myself, "They're good and a lot of fun, but the songs all sounded the same after a while." A good way to spend a little time on a Saturday night though. No arguments there. Glad I went. Don't need the record.

The opening band Smoosh, however, friggin' slayed. OK - That may be a bit of an overstatement, but considering Smoosh consists of only 2 girls - both under the age of 15 - and they're performing kick-ass indie rock tunes like they're old pros, it's pretty damn impressive. They also had a special guest sit in for one song. Another girl came out and played bass. I swear she could not have been over 8 years old. It was like the female version of Hanson, except they didn't suck at all. In fact, after a few songs you kind of forgot they were kids and they just rocked out. Awesome. They made The Pipettes look even more ridiculous. They've been opening for the likes of Bloc Party, Eels and The Go! Team. They rule. What were you doing when you were 14?

Sunday brought the return of Bloc Party to DC. I could probably cut-and-paste a large chunk of my Arcade Fire review here, but instead I'll just give a bullet list:

- Saw Bloc Party in a club and loved them (Black Cat and 9:30).
- Loved the first record.
- Hipster backlash - tepid reviews of second record. Didn't buy it.
- Announce DC show. Decide to go only if I can get really good tickets.
- Presale. I scored a seat in the friggin' FRONT ROW.
- Bought the cd. It's far better than the reviews/backlash claim.
- Show kicked-ass.
- Bloc Party roadie was sporting a Smoosh t-shirt.

There are more of my sucktastic pictures up at flickr.

Update: Metro Distortion has the Bloc Party setlist here.

Aww, I love Smoosh! They also opened for Pearl Jam! Crazy, huh? I gave my niece one of their CDs and I think she hates it, but at least she's exposed to better music.
Wow..pretty impressive for being so young. It still freaks me out to even think of anyone born in the 1990's doing anything "adult". Yikes, I'm getting old!
The Pipettes/Smoosh show sold out here before I could get tickets, so I had to get them on Craigslist. I was thinking the same thing "Who's ever heard of them" but apparently, everyone. Now I'm looking forward to checking out Smoosh...
Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation to catch up on music, specifically the new Bloc Party record. Just like you said, everyone tells me once I actually SIT and LISTEN to it, I'll love it - but on casual play it still goes in one ear and out the other.

They play really well live though.
There were cute boys at the pool? I wish I'd gotten there earlier.

Yeah, they opened for Eels last year. And they came out a did the encores with the Eels as well. Seemed like an odd match but it still worked out to be a great show.
Smoosh kind of are "old pros" at this pont considering they started performing professionally at the ages 8 and 10.
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