Friday, May 25, 2007


When I (don't) Go To The Beach

Memorial Day Weekend Stuff

Part of me is jealous of everyone going to the beach this weekend. I haven't been in a couple years. I'm sure it would be a blast. Then again...the thought of sitting in traffic...big crowds...lines at every restaurant...ugh. That would definitely get on my nerves fast. I'm determined to get back to Rehoboth before the end of the summer, but it's probably best to avoid the holidays. Besides - I have this in my backyard:

That eases the pain a little.

Even if the beach was an option for this weekend, I'd skip it. There's no way I'm going to miss the return of The Slickee Boys - DC's favorite psychedelic-surf-garage-punk-party band. Two shows this weekend - one at The Ottobar in Baltimore and one at 9:30 in DC. That DC show is going to be great, because:

- They're playing 9:30 instead of Iota for a change. You'll actually have room to dance.
- You won't have to spend any money in homo-hatin' Virginia.
- Rustbuckit is opening (featuring former members of Black Market Baby and Government Issue). That's a lot of old-school DC fun.

My old college (and post-college) roommate is coming up for the shows this weekend. That usually means trouble for everyone involved. You've been warned.

Slickee Boys on YouTube. Add about 20 years and they're pretty much the same.

Gotta Tell Me Why

When I Go To The Beach

Mmmmmm. That pool looks refreshing. Who needs the beach when you have that?
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