Saturday, May 19, 2007


Velvet Revolver @ 9:30

Once in a while I have to make an executive decision. I use my powers conservatively, but every now and then I just make the call - no questions asked.

This was the case when I heard Velvet Revolver was coming to 9:30. Dinger never got to see Stone Temple Pilots (one of his favorite bands) and neither of us got to see the glorious mess that was G'n'R. I decided to exercise my authority and force Dinger to go to this one. No questions. Oh yeah - you're going.

It turned out to be the right decision. VR just rocked from start to finish. Scott Weiland is an awesome frontman - prancing around like a mix of Mick Jagger and Michael Stipe (Dinger's descrption). I saw STP once, but I was waaaaay in the back at the top of the Patriot Center. Hard to appreciate from that far away, but up close he was amazing to watch.

Musically, it was just balls-out kick-ass rock and roll. "Every now and then I forget and have to remind myself - Oh yeah - that's f-ckin' Slash!" - Dinger. (beware of audio on that Slash link.)

The highlight was easily "Vasoline" - they only STP cover of the night. The crowd went apeshit crazy over that one. And for good reason. It tore the place up. No G'n'R songs that I'm aware of, much to the obvious disappointment of the guy near us who proceeded to flip off the band for the last 20 minutes or so. Oh well.

Surprisingly, they did covers of "Wish You Were Here" and "Psycho Killer". Odd choices. Do they have a history with those songs? To be honest - they were pretty dull and brought the energy down a bit.

The crowd was surprisingly fun. Full-on good-time party mode, but not in an obnoxious way. Everyone just out on a weeknight having a little too much fun for a Tuesday.

I would have bet the farm that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew at this show. I was wrong. We are everywhere.

Great night. There aren't enough real rock and roll bands out there these days. VR definitely qualifies. The new record comes out next month. I'm all over it.

Suck it hipsters. Let's rock.

I'm diggin' the concert reviews. Setlists!
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