Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial Day Weekend and The Slickees

I could use another day off (or two) to recover from this weekend.

My old college roommate/Dead touring buddy came into town for the weekend to catch The Slickee Boys shows. Getting together with old friends like that is always a little awkward at first. We haven't seen each other in a couple years and other than the infrequent emails we send back and forth, we really don't talk very much these days. But give us a few hours together and things are back to normal. The scary mind-meld of two people that know each other way too well starts to settle-in and that's when the fun finally starts.

Great weekend. Lots of really unhealthy food (mmmm...Old Bay-seasoned tater tots), way too much beer and 2 shows by one of our favorite bands.

Saturday was spent by the pool, followed by a trip up to Baltimore for the first night of Slickee fun. We were hoping to avoid the opening bands, but they started late and we ended up seeing both of the openers. They weren't bad, but we weren't terribly interested in seeing them. Oh well. The Slickee Boys were great - as always - despite some equipment problems. I think Kim blew his amp. Every time I see them in Baltimore, the band always talks about how much they love playing there. I can see why. The Baltimore crowds are so much more colorful than DC crowds. They dress like they're ready to rock and when the music starts, they don't hold back. Great time.

The weather wasn't as nice on Sunday, so we spent most of the day watching auto-racing on tv. Not my choice. Monaco, then Indy, then NASCAR. Something like nine-hours of non-stop racing. Ugh. Just shoot me now.

But it was finally time for the show. Designated-Driver-Dinger drove us all down to 9:30 for night number two. Unlike Saturday, I definitely wanted to see Rustbuckit's set tonight. They certainly didn't disappoint. The brought the rock from start to finish - ending with a cover of Black Market Baby's "Drunk and Disorderly". Great set guys - now get that cd released soon.

The Slickee Boys put on another spectacular show. A few different songs tonight - including "Death Lane" and "Your Autumn Eyes", which may be the only Slickee Boys song I really, really don't like. Kim seemed to have a few more problems, but I'm not sure what was going on. Whatever they were, they caused him to lose his mask during "The Brain That Refused To Die", so we didn't get the full effect of the visuals. It still came off fine though. "Jailbait Janet", "This Party Sucks", "Going All The Way/Glendora"....just a big ol' Slickee good time.

Having decided the dozen or so beers weren't enough, we headed to the Velvet Lounge for a few more. Completely unnecessary, but loads of fun.

My friend headed home kind of early, which left us with a much needed full day of laying by the pool. So now I'm pretty much sunburned, slightly hungover and exhausted. Mission accomplished.

(both pics are from the Ottobar show in Baltimore)

Nice review! I counted about 10 people who were fanatical enough to see both shows: you & your friend, me & my friends Jon & Debbie, my old friend Sean from Balt & his 2 friends, a guy named Paul from Frederick county, & Dave "Steptoe", the singer of Chelsea Graveyard. That's not counting people who were "with the band" like Kim Kane's girlfriend Deniz, or Robbie White & his squeeze. Am I missing anyone?
The only folks I recognized were you and your friends and the singer from Chelsea Graveyard. I love seeing members of other bands in the audience, checking out the other bands. I know Kim was there early both nights, watching all of the openers.

And for the record, I actually liked Chelsea Graveyard and The Howling Mad. We just weren't in the mood to sit through 3 bands last night. All of the bands were fun.
I'm glad you made it out..It was a wee bit hard to hear onstage and we were a wee bit drunk, so some songs were a wee bit sloppy..AND, I agree..Baltimore reminds me of DC in the early days of punk..The original Atlantis/9:30 crowd was a pretty wild and decadent bunch..The Lone Star was right around the corner and the crowds intermingled...Being a young schmuck from Bowie, I thought they were all crazy!! "Dose were duh days!!" Oh yeah, Thanks for the compliments!!
-HBBG (aka Boyd)
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