Saturday, March 24, 2007


Beatnik Flies and Ponys

I don't know much about this, other than what's listed here, but I love me some Beatnik Flies. Old-school DC fun. Apparently, they're still recording and playing out. You can get a taste of them here.

Completely unrelated to that...I'll be at The Ponys show at The Black Cat tonight. I bought the ticket on a whim and I've been totally digging Turn The Lights Out this week. They were pretty impressive when they opened for Bloc Party a couple years back, so I expect a great show. Bring on the rock.

I'll be the bitter, cranky, drunk, old guy in the back. hrmph.

Could you believe how many "children" were at the Mew show? I felt so old!
I'm pretty used to it. I saw a show at the Rock and Roll Hotel last night and I guarantee I was the oldest person in the room.
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