Saturday, February 10, 2007


At least there's more room in the basement

One thing that I never, ever do is get rid of music. I still have 99% of everything I've ever owned. Even when upgrading from 8-track->cassette->vinyl->cd, I've kept just about everything. I just can't bring myself to get rid of the old, scratchy, warbly copies of the music I once loved.

Until today. I just gave away almost all of my Grateful Dead tapes. I kept copies of shows I attended and a few of my very, very first tapes, but the rest are gone. There must've been about 400 tapes in the boxes the guy took away. That's hundreds of hours of dubbing, trips to the post office and, of course, listening.

This brought back lots of memories of people I haven't thought of in years. Dawn from Jersey, the girl I used to trade with who provided me great 1st-gen copies of current shows, who (along with her 5 year old son) ended up staying with us a few times when the Dead would play the Cap Centre..... Matt from Seattle, my first regular trading buddy. We'd send each other everything new that we got without even asking, because we couldn't get enough fast enough. Bonus points to Matt for picking me up in Larkspur and giving me a ride to Oakland Coliseum for Chinese New Year '91, because I was too poor to get a rental car. And Joe from Atlanta, who in addition to filling dozens of blank tapes for me in the early days, provided me with my very first R.E.M. bootlegs - free of charge, because he said they were just taking up space.

So I'm kinda bummed about giving them away, but truth be told, I haven't listened to these in years. cd-r's have replaced a few of the tapes. Just about anything I had on cassette can be found online. Downloading has replaced dubbing. There's very little human interaction involved at all. The music sounds better than ever, but the fun of trading seems to be lost forever.

I already regret giving them away.

I hear you Bro...
It's like giving a piece of yourself away. But you'll always have those memories...
look on the bright side:
Perhaps that guy you gave them to will post them online, and you'll be able to remember your good times again, at a better bitrate.
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