Saturday, December 30, 2006


Slickee Stuff

Holy crap. When did The Slickee Boys start getting so popular? We got to Iota about an hour before they came on and it was already sold out. Crap. The woman at the door told us we could sit in the restaurant and she'd call us if anyone left. We went over there, but the call never came. Dinger kept checking periodically and she finally let me in about 3/4 of the way through the show. Still full-price though, so I think I paid about $1/minute for what I saw.

At least I got to hear the first part - even if I couldn't see it. I got what I was really hoping for though. I got to witness that glorious mess that is Dan covering Alice Cooper's "Eighteen". Typical Dan - throwing his beer all over the crowd, force-feeding Mark some Jim Beam (mostly missing and pouring it all over his face), barely standing up and slobbering his way through the song. Just like the good-old-days.

I would have been pissed about missing the first part, but we're heading up to Baltimore tonight for round 2. We have tickets for that one, so there's no chance we won't get in.

New CD: The Slickee Boys: A Postcard From The Day
24 live tracks from 1980-1982, recorded everywhere from The Psychedelly in Bethesda to CBGB's. A little more raw than their later shows. Most excellent. Your best bet for picking this up is probably via Y&T.

Head Kicked In

Songs are only up for a week or two. You really need to go buy this disk. Get it while you can, because these releases are limited runs and always sellout.

Happy New Year!
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