Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Open Season

Ah, yes... The end of the year brings along with it "Open Season" here at work. The brief period where we're allowed to review our health benefit plans and adjust them accordingly.

It's also the time of year when I'm reminded that my partner isn't seen on an equal level as the spouses of my co-workers, despite the fact that several of them have gone through more than one spouse since they've been here. Or the others, who have been married for about 10 minutes and get full benefits, compared to the 10+ years Dinger and I have been together. Or the ones who just started working here last month, whose spouses are fully included in the plans, compared to the 9+ years I've put in with the company.

"We're considering it."

Gee, thanks.

What the hell are you talking about??? Oh yeah, that's right - I live in Massachusetts, where we don't have to worry about things like that anymore!

Eh, that was no fun. It was like teasing a caged animal. Chin up.
That sucks!

I have always tried to work for companies that offer domestic partner benefits. It has been a big determining factor in which companies that I have applied for work with. I know that not everyone has that choice. I have been lucky.
Perhaps you should let your employer know that you might be looking for a job elsewhere.
I'm not really in the position to leave right now and I'm not about to make threats I'm not willing to follow through with. I make my feelings very well known to my bosses and HR though.
Being in HR I hate this dilemma. I actually do not advocate domestic partner coverage because at least in the case with hetros, I think why should I make a commitment to the employee's significant other if the employee themselves isn't making the full commitment (marriage). This is why the issue of not allowing gay marriage is not only doing a disservice to the gay couple but also to the employer. Unfortunately I do not believe the employer can choose to offer domestic partner coverage only to same sex couples, it would be discrimination, how do you like that! With that said I am not aware of anyone in my company in a serious gay relationship. If that were the case I would probably add it to our plan even though I feel the way I do about hetros in live in situations.
I completely agree that any company that offers same sex dp benefits should also offer opposite sex dp benefits. Always have.
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