Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Ho Ho-Hum

We're just not in the Christmas spirit this year. We're not decorating at all - unless you count the Grinch sitting in our living room, or the red and green Lava Lamps in the window. The lamps are in the window year-round, so I don't think they really count. We didn't even get a tree. I've never not had a tree before. Ever. We just don't feel like dealing with it this year.

We decided there will be no big presents this year. No surprises either. We're just going shopping together and saying "Here - You can get this for me."

Everyone else gets gift cards. Well...Everyone except my niece, who gets this bitchin' Barbie bike. We're the best uncles ever.

I have one weakness though - I love Christmas music. It's just impossible to be in a bad mood when I hear Christmas music. It takes me back to being a kid, when life was simpler and all about having fun. Even the bad stuff is so bad it's funny. Therefore, it cheers me up and makes me happy.

So on that note - Here's one of my favorite Xmas songs. Boy, this one takes me back. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas.

We totally know how you feel. We really had to force ourselves to decorate this year. As far as presents go, we each bought our own and gave them to each other to wrap up. So, there won't be any surprises there. The Christmas song is great, by the way!
This is the first year we didn't get a tree either. It's too much of hassle, for me anyway. Rob did decorate the mantle though. At least the cleanup will be easier this year.
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