Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Rock Hall

As I predicted, R.E.M. was among the list of hall-of-fame nominees announced this week. No big surprise there. Other nominees include Patti Smith, Van Halen, The Ronettes, The Dave Clark Five, Grandmaster Flash, Chic, The Stooges and Joe Tex. I hope Patti finally gets in. I've been listening to her a lot lately. Maybe the CBGBs hype will make her a sentimental pick.

I'm surprised The Ronettes aren't in there yet. Of course, the fact that the Stooges aren't in there is just ridiculous.

How does that work with Van Halen? They had a few big hits with Sammy. Is he included? What about Gary Cherone, who everyone pretty much thought sucked? I miss Diamond Dave. I would be all over a real VH reunion.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems kind of like the Grammys. Everyone knows it's a bit of a joke, but everyone likes the recognition. And I'm sure nobody complains about the bump in sales.

Completely unrelated: You really shouldn't put up your Christmas decorations before Halloween. Tacky.

Jonny Rotten didn't like the attention (ok, so we all know deep down he did) . . .
And Bill Berry's eyebrows totally scare me.
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