Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Random Music Stuff

hmmm..let's see....

Last week I saw Eric Clapton in DC. Amazing. I didn't realize Derek Trucks was one of his other guitarists on this tour. Derek is a killer slide player - currently a member of the Allman Bros. He's not exactly Duane, but he's VERY good. If I can't see Duane and Eric playing "Layla", Derek's my second choice. Add Robert Cray sitting in for a few songs and I was in guitar-heaven.

I already talked about the Pet Shop Boys. That was fun. Even better was the Joan Jett show last night. Joan was really good - as expected - cranking through all the hits and a few new tunes. But the real highlight was the opening band. Holy friggin' cow. The Eagles Of Death Metal may just be the greatest band on the planet. Rocking, heavy bar-chord guitar riffs...hip-shaking, fist-pumping party rock at it's best. They've got the perfect amount of swagger to pull it off without becoming a complete joke. They know what they're doing - sort of making fun of everyone, while still pumping out raunchy bar-room rock. And a reasonable amount of cowbell. Hell yeah! My new favorite band. This week anyway...

There's a video here. I already regret not picking up one of their cds last night, but I'll probably remedy that this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend - American Hardcore opens at E Street. The book was ok, although a lot of people say it's factually inaccurate. I don't really care - I expect a ton of great old punk footage. Hopefully, a lot from the early DC harDCore days. I'm sure I'll be checking that out this weekend.

A little bird told me that The Slickee Boys are putting together a CD of early live material. That won't suck. Hopefully it'll be ready in time for their annual holiday shows. One show at the Ottobar in Baltimore has been announced already. I'm sure the DC show isn't far behind. I hope it's a 9:30 rather than Iota. I try to stay out of Virginia as much as possible these days.

Upcoming shows... The Hold Steady, Wreckless Eric, Dylan, Oxford Collapse, The Slits, Rustbuckit and The New York Dolls. Probably a few more. I may try to see Exit Clov and The Dance Party on Friday. We'll see.

Check out the DAM Festival. That's gonna be fun.

hmmmm - I guess that's it. Oh - I found a copy of the out-of-print Slant 6 cd Inzombia today. Score!

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