Thursday, September 21, 2006


Jealouth Again

Let's get in the Wayback machine for a moment - shall we?

It's 1981. Seminal hardcore band Black Flag is looking for a new lead singer. They swing through DC where they meet fanboy Henry Rollins and ask him to come to New York to audition for them. He joins the band, they become legendary and the rest is punk rock history.

But what if things were different? What if they swung through Athens, GA instead of DC? What if they asked a very gay version of Fred Schneider to audition instead of Henry? Things could have turned out very different.

The results would probably be something like Black Fag - my new favorite band-of-the-week. The above scenario isn't exactly what happened here, but it sure sounds close. Their cd is 10 of Black Flag's earliest songs, totally gayed-up. The music is as heavy and powerful as the real thing and the lyrics are 90% the same, but the voice is stereotypically over-the-top gay, with the occasional "Sister!" and "Hello!" thrown in. It brings a whole new perspective on "Jealous Again".

And to be honest - the singer (Liberace Morris) occasionally sounds like Jello.

Someone please bring these guys to DC.

Thanks to The Punk Vault for pointing these guys out.

There was a Black Fag in the 90s too. It featured Vaginal Creme Davis and Beck's mother!
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