Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Tower Going Down (again)


Tower Records Files For Bankruptcy (Again). It's only Chapter 11, so they're not shutting down (yet), but it's still a drag.

Coolfer talks about it too.

It's only a matter of time until real record stores are a thing of the past. :-(

Sad, really. Tower used to be such a great store. I think that they did it to themselves though. When I worked there, the company's solution to everything was to raise CD prices. At one point, they were selling CD's at $1 or $2 over suggested retail prices. Obviously, that is not such a great strategy when everyone else was lowering their prices.
Best Buy/Target - Great prices, but rarely have what I want.
Tower - Incredible selection, but way over-priced.

But when Tower has something on sale, it's usually a great deal. I'll even pay an extra $1-2 over Amazon prices, if I can get exactly what I want without waiting for shipping.

I still go to Tower in Rockville at least once a week. More often than not, I walk out empty handed.
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