Friday, August 04, 2006


More on SK

Last night's Sleater-Kinney show simply rocked. There's really no other way to put it. The ladies just came out and kicked our asses. Fantastic show. They're gonna be missed.

Last night I saw something I rarely see at concerts these honest-to-goodness encore. Not a "we're gonna go get a drink, pee, come back and play a few hits" encore. We're talking a "house-lights are up, the exit music is playing, but the crowd refuses to leave and we won't stop cheering until the band comes back" encore. Sure enough - the house music stopped, the lights went off and they came back. Kick-ass indeed.

The show was broadcast on NPR. Download/Stream it here.

The last minute addition of French Toast as the opener was a nice, unexpected bonus. Technically, it was 2/3 of French Toast. Ben wasn't there - It was just Jerry and James. That was fine by me. I prefer French Toast when they were a duo. They were a bit more experimental then. As usual, they put on a fine set. Checkout Burn To Shine - DC for a glimpse of that version of the band. New record coming out on Dischord soon.

My post about the original postponed SK show made it into the Aug. 2 online version of The Washington Post's Express. Screen grab and everything. How about that?

Germs tomorrow.

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