Saturday, August 05, 2006


Lexicon Devil

I got a very timely delivery of a bootleg DVD copy of The Decline Of Western Civilization yesterday. Timely because I'm going to see The Germs tonight at The Black Cat.

I don't recall ever seeing any video footage of Darby before. Good Lord - What a mess he was. Everything I've read about him talks about how people practically worshiped him. How he had a near Manson-like ability to control people. That's hard to believe, seeing how he could barely form a sentence or stand up.

Really looking forward to the show tonight. Darby won't be there (he's very dead), but I hear what's-his-name (who apparently used to be on ER) does a spot-on recreation of what Darby was like. Kind of a scary thought, really. He's a hot one though. Check out the pic.

Darby played for our team, btw.

Oddball Germs fact: Belinda Carlisle was their drummer for a very short time.

Here's a YouTube clip of "Manimal" from the Decline... video.

The guy in the purple/white shirt playing guitar is Pat Smear - Later of Foo Fighters fame. He's also the extra guitar player on Nirvana's MTV Unplugged session.

For your listening pleasure, here's "What We Do Is Secret".

Go buy it.

I was going to catch a plane from here to nyc to see the germs that were a big influence on me, punk rock changed my life.
BUT then I changed my mind. ould not find a bargain plane... too lazy...

anyway I'm happy for you I wish I went

Is that Shane West in the pic you posted? I didn't know he did this.
Yep. That's him. Word is that he's starring as Darby in a movie about The Germs called "What We Do Is Secret". The band was so impressed with his performance they decided to reunite for a few shows. That eventually turned into a tour.
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