Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Hey Cedars - The next time you don't want to play a gig - just cancel it. If you can't be bothered to play for more than 30 minutes when you're the only band on the bill*, don't waste your fans' time. It takes some of us that long just to drive to The Black Cat. I feel bad for the folks that came in 10-15 minutes late and paid the cover charge, only to see you play about 4 songs and say "goodnight". Nice. 30 minutes is barely acceptable for an opener, much less a one-band show.

My partner was actually looking forward to the show. He heard a few songs from your Safety In Numbers EP and really wanted to check you guys out. Not only did you not play very long, but you didn't play a single song from your only official release. When you were done, my partner thought you were ok, but he was disappointed and agreed that we would have been better off staying home. Good job. Way to win over new fans.

Even when someone (no - not us) called out for "Fleets" as you were leaving the stage, you seemed to think about it for a minute, then decided it wasn't worth it. Thanks. You remember "Fleets"? It's the song that got lots of airplay on WOXY and brought you to the attention of a lot of your early fans. You could have at least thrown us that bone.

And while I'm whining, what's with charging money for something that's labeled a "promo cd"? If you're charging for it, it's not a promo - it's just a cheap cd. (a cd-r, actually)

I'm sure I'll be back, and I'm sure I'll buy your cd when it comes out. But last night's show just reeked of laziness and disrespect for the people that showed up to hear you play. I know you can do better than that.

* - the headliner canceled

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