Saturday, July 08, 2006


Seven Inches from San Francisco

Here are all of the 7" singles I bought when I was in SF last week.

The High Strung/Capitol Years singles are actually one split-single.

The "Stop Homophobia" 7" is a compilation, which includes Pansy Division doing that "Cowboys Are Secretly Fond Of Each Other" song that Willie got a lot of attention for in recent months.

The Germs "Forming" single is a reissue of a reissue of a reissue. Nothing special, but it's kind of cool to have. Pink vinyl, no less.

The list:

The High Strung - "Loretta"/ The Capitol Years - "Ramona"
Unrest - Cath Carroll/So So Sick/Capezio B
Sleater-Kinney - Entertain/Everything
Velocity Girl - Nothing/Anatomy Of A Gutless Wonder
R.E.M. - Bad Day/Favorite Writer
The Germs - Forming/Sex Boy
Come - Wrong Side/Loin Of The Surf/SVK
Barracudas - Next Time Around/Tales What He Wants
Come - Car/Last Mistake
Tapes 'n' Tapes - Insistor/Crazy Eights
Exene Cervenka - Wordcore Volume 7
The Ponys - Wicked City/Little Friends
Liquor Bike - Thirst Day/She's Gotta Way/Barb's Wired

"Stop Homophobia" - F-gbash - "Another Freak Out"/Black Angel's Death Song - "Brothers and Sisters"/Pansy Division - "Cowboys Are Secretly Fond Of Each Other"/Happy Flowers - "Toast Fire"

Tenpole Tudor - Throwing The Baby Out With The Bathwater/The Conga Tribe
Blast Off Country Style - Giggles 'n' Gloom/Barf City U.S.A./Comet Song/Lake Eerie/G'N'G Reprise

"There's A Dyke In The Pit" - Bikini Kill - "Suck My Left One"/Tribe 8 - "Manipulate"/Lucky Stoners - "Soiled Princess"/7 Year Bitch - "Dead Men Don't Rape

The Pansy Division track was downloaded from their website. Go check 'em out. The song will only be up on here for a few days.

That Blast Off Country Style 7" is great!
I can't decide which I'm more envious of...the Unrest 7" or the There's a Dyke in the Pit 7" - Nice work!
random, i went through a velocity girl stint a few days ago. i've been trying to find the single they used to play on whfs in 93-94ish, can't remember what it was though.
hey marcus -
i'm gonna take a stab at the v.girl song you're looking for--'forgotten favorite' maybe?
I have no idea what song that would be. I wasn't paying much attention to either Velocity Girl or WHFS in the early 90's.
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