Friday, July 21, 2006


Saturday Morning Stuff

hmmm...let's see....

First off - if you see this guy today - make sure you wish him a Happy Birthday.

Mission of Burma was terrific last weekend, as expected. Two fairly short sets, but those guys can still bring it. A nice mix of old and new stuff, but the classics were definitely the crowd favorites. "Academy Fight Song", "That's When I Reach For My Revolver", "This Is Not A Photograph" pretty much tore the roof off the place. Great band. Great show.

Sunday we trekked up to Philly to catch the Bob Mould Band at Penn's Landing. It was actually a free show, courtesy of Southern Comfort. We got there in time to hear the end of De La Soul, who were pretty much terrible. Maybe the heat had gotten to them by that point. Bob, on the other hand, played a balls-to-the-wall, no-nonsense, kick-ass set. No banter. Minimal breaks between songs. He plowed through most of his standard set in about an hour. A handful of tracks from Body Of Song, plus a bunch of Sugar and Husker Du tracks. We left before The Flaming Lips came on. Standing on asphalt in 95 degree heat was getting old, plus we wanted to eat before driving home. Well worth the trip though.

Baltimore is getting it's own music festival. The Virgin Festival hits the Pimlico Race Course on September 23. Put together by 9:30's Seth Hurwitz, the festival is headlined by The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Other acts include The Raconteurs (Jack White's new band), The Flaming Lips, The Killers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Scissor Sisters and a bunch more. Not cheap ($97.50), but still a bargain, if you like a bunch of the bands. Tickets on sale Saturday morning. Save yourself the insane service charges and get your tickets from the 9:30 Club box office.

hmmm....Earlier today Pitchfork reported that The Slits are reuniting and coming to the Black Cat in November. They seem to have taken down that News entry though.

Did you know The New York Dolls have a brand new album coming out next week? I'm all over it.

Rumor has it that a new R.E.M. "Best of" cd is coming out soon. Supposedly it's 2 disks, covering the IRS years. One disk is full of hits. The other is full of demos, live tracks and outtakes. If they keep up these reissues, there are going to be more IRS "Best of" compilations than there were actual IRS albums.

The Hold Steady are playing in Baltimore in October. No word on a DC date yet.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to make it to the Run For Cover show on Saturday. You should go though. It's going to be fun. Guaranteed. But since I can't make it - here are a few cover songs for ya.

Bang! Bang! - Sex Beat
Big Black - The Model
Circle Jerks - Golden Shower Of Hits

Songs are only up for a few days. If you like what you hear - please go buy something.

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