Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Random Music Stuff

Cedars have been added to the Editors bill at 9:30 on 7/27. I may have to actually go to this one now.

Speaking of openers... +/- has been added as an opener for The Wrens at The Cat. That's not until October, but it'll probably sellout ahead of time. Buy your tickets early.

Del Cielo is having a bit of a fire sale. They're basically giving things away. $3 t-shirts. $5 LPs. Those prices include postage. Go to their MySpace page and click on "Summer Sale" for details.

I think I'm going to see Mr. Mould (with his band) in Philly this Sunday. According to the festival's website it should be over by 10:00pm. I think The Flaming Lips are headlining, so I should be able to skip out early and still get home at a reasonable time. The fact that it's FREE helps too. The festival site has a nice interview with Bob here.

Sleater-Kinney is coming to 9:30. It sold out in about 4 seconds. Nothing gets a crowd motivated like telling them you're breaking up. The Rogers Sisters are opening. They opened for Art Brut a couple months back. Not bad at all.

You absolutely MUST go see Mission Of Burma Saturday at The Black Cat. No excuses. Antelope is opening. They don't suck either. This could be a contender for "Show of the Year".

RIP Syd.

Love the Rogers Sisters! Plus, your 7" of Velocity Girl from the last post has made a majority of their catalog bounce around in my head.
Oh, and the whole sleater-kinney thing. I don't get it. I just don't get it.
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