Monday, June 19, 2006


The San Francisco Treat

So I'm getting ready to leave for a week in San Francisco. Any suggestions for things we must do while we're there? Dinger will be there with me for a few days. We're gonna do all the touristy stuff and some Gay Pride stuff over the weekend. Amoeba is already on the list. Anything off the beaten track we should check out?

All responses that include the word "Radiohead" will be ignored.

I live in SF:

1. Visit Glenn Canyon Park. It's a real hiking treat. Enter from Grandview Drive and keep to the left (after you've left the 'hood with the houses on stilts) and you'll come to a rock outcropping with a great view.

2. Visit The Cinch Saloon on Polk Street. It's the second oldest gay bar in SF and has an interesting mix of people. I play pool there most Saturday afternoons (2-ish). Say "Hi" to Neil if he's there. Everyone knows him!

3. Visit Corona Heights for another amazing view of the city. It's next to the Randall Museum. You can hike up to the Randall from the Castro or from Church & 14th street catch the 37 Corbett bus.

4. Visit the Ferry Building at the end of Market. Best time is Saturday during the Farmers Market, but anytime is a great time to see what a wonderful job they did with the restoration.

5. Take a ferry to Sausalito and have dinner. The trip back (around 7pm -- last boat) as the sun's going down is quite romantic.

6. Go to Angle Island if you can make it. Rent a bike for the day and take a trip around Perimeter Road. NO BETTER views of the whole Bay Area will be had anywhere else (perhaps Mt. Tam to the north is better but that requires a car and a pretty stiff hike up to the top).

7. Avoid anyone doing Meth. Period!

Have a great trip and remember the sunblock!

When I lived in SF my favorite place to hang was Cafe Du Nord on Market Street. See who's playing and if it sounds remotely interesting go..early.

Muir Woods is cool. Also if time permits a trip to the Farallon Islands to see whales. You cannot get off on the island, however when I went I saw two HUGE Great white sharks eating a baby whale. Cool. Anyway see you in D.C.
Giant Robot SF
Great city, great fun to be had.
I'll be out on the 2nd of July.
For Good.
Thanks everyone!
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