Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Punk's Not Dead

There's a documentary called Punk's Not Dead playing at the Silver Theater at in Silver Spring tonight. Filmmaker Susan Dynner grew up in the early DC punk scene. From the blurb at the Silverdocs website:

Twenty-five years later, the kids are still at it. Still rebelling, still trying to find a place to call their own. But their scene has been commercialized; their look is purchased, not hand-sewn with dental floss. In PUNK'S NOT DEAD, filmmaker Dynner explores the origins of the punk underground and its intersection with mainstream culture today.

View the trailer here.

The movie is playing tonight (6/14) at 9:30 at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring. Don't be afraid of the suburbs.

Were you at the Pat Benatar concert? We looked for you, but didn't see you!
Yep - I was in the back, off to the left. Just outside the main room, near that big bar. I didn't know you were gonna be there or I would have looked for you. What a weird place Ram's Head Live is.
I've heard that punk's not dead. Just taking a disco nap.
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