Thursday, June 15, 2006


Movie Night

Had a good time at the Punk's Not Dead showing last night. The movie was pretty good. It's not really a history of punk, but it sort of shows the progression of how things have changed over the years. From the early DIY days of bands crashing on the floors of fans and bands making/distributing their own records, to the Target-sponsored, Hot Topic Grammy-winning bands of today.

An interesting movie, but I'll admit I was getting a little bored by the end. That's probably because they were pretty much done with the bands I was interested in and the bands like Good Charlotte and Sum 41 couldn't open their mouths without saying something that made me want to throw things at them.


Some nice old footage
the CHiPs and Quincy clips
Captain Sensible flipping over a table and mooning the camera
Seeing some of the bands that are still plugging away at it after 20+ years.

After the movie there was a Q&A session. Unfortunately most of the crowd left during the credits, so there weren't a lot of people left. I kind of felt bad for the folks on stage, because there really weren't many folks with questions. Fat Mike from NoFX was on the panel though. That was kind of cool.

Other punk celebrity sightings: Boyd and Mike (Black Market Baby), John Stabb (Government Issue/The Factory Incident), Ian and Amy (The Evens/Fugazi/Minor Threat/The Warmers) and Glenn Kowalski (aka "Jake Whipp" of White Boy). I'm sure there were others that I didn't recognize.

There was an after-party following the Q&A. I had initially decided to skip it, since I'm going out nearly every night this week and it was already after 11:30. But I had to walk right past the party entrance on my way to the garage...I saw the line outside and figured I check it out for a few minutes.

I grabbed a beer (did I mention it was "open bar"?) and grabbed a seat. Within a few minutes Boyd recognized me from another forum I hang out on and he came over and introduced me to a bunch of other folks. I ended up staying for a couple hours, hanging out with Boyd and Glenn most of the night and checking out a live set by The Goons.

So I got the movie, an open bar, a live show and I got to hang out with a few guys from some of the bands from my earliest punk-rock-loving days. Not a bad night at all.

Oh Oscar, stick to the sports pages.
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