Monday, May 22, 2006


Random Stuff

Completely random semi-stream-of-consciousness thoughts...

We went to see The Nats play The O's on Saturday. The Nats actually won. Go figure. We also got to see a guy take a foul ball in the face. Ouch. I think I saw something similar at The Eagle on Saturday night. Neither was very pretty.

Don't fret if you didn't get tickets to see Sonic Youth next month at 9:30. They added a second show. Late show. Same night. Tickets already on sale. Highly recommended. I'm going to neither, because we're seeing Dickey Betts that night. The things we do for love...

Foo Fighters are doing a little acoustic tour. Pat Smear is playing with them again. It looks like Frank Black is opening. No DC date, but there's room in their schedule. Hopefully that'll happen. I can't imagine Grohl passing over his former homeland. Just to be safe, I bought tickets to their Philly show. I think there are only 10-15 seats further away from the stage than the ones I got. Top of the balcony. Off to the side. Way up in the corner. At least I'm in. I've only been to the Tower Theater once before - to see Laurie Anderson back in '86. All I can remember about the theater was that the rows were too close together and my knees were bruised from hitting the seat in front of me all night. If that was you, I apologize.

Tickets for the Silverdocs Film Festival went on sale this week. I'm not a movie guy, but there are a few things I wouldn't mind checking out. At the top of my list is Punk's Not Dead. There's a blurb about it here, but the official movie website makes it look more old-school than the blurb implies. At the Cannes preview the UK Subs showed up. Maybe we'll get some old DC hardcore band to turn up.

The pool's coming along, but it's still a bit of a mess. It should be ready-to-go by the weekend. Now if the weather would just warm up a little...

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