Monday, May 15, 2006


Random Monday Ramblings

Let's see...

According to this morning's Pancake Mountain newsletter, the Fort Reno concert series starts in "only 24 days." The schedule isn't up yet, but that would put the first show on June 8. Excellent.

I finally signed up on MySpace this weekend. You can find me here. I don't really have much to say on MySpace. I really wanted to just claim the "dumbek" name while I could. I guess that makes me a bit of a MySpace squatter. I always feel dirty after I go to MySpace. Even if it's just to checkout a band or two. I inevitably end up seeing way too many 15 year olds listed as people's "friends". It creeps me out a little. I almost expect Dateline to come knocking on my door.

Friday was spent visiting Mr. B. at his place of work. Kind of a quiet night, since I had to work on Saturday, but it was fun. Too much Avenue Q though.

Blowoff on Saturday. As always - a great time. The usual suspects. Him. Him. Him. Them (who I really didn't get to see enough of.) The return of him (looking hot as ever.) Him. Him. He had his trusty camera, but I didn't really notice it that much. That usually means trouble. He made a grand entrance late in the evening, which bumped the party up a notch. I'm sure C-Lad was relieved that we would finally all stop with the "Where the hell is Sean?" inquiries. And, of course, my other half was there looking sexy as hell. And that's just the blogger list. There were plenty more cool folks milling about. It's always a blast being surrounded by so many good people and good music. Thanks to Bob and Rich for another fine evening.

Sunday - Mother's Day. We had our Moms over for dinner. We love them. They love us. Yay.

I got both of my tax refund checks in the last few days. I think I'm going to buy a laptop and go wireless. After I earmark a portion to the Amoeba fund, of course.

I bought a Mission Of Burma ticket this afternoon. Antelope is opening. Should be a killer show. Of course, a couple hours after I bought the ticket I discover that Bob is playing a one-off gig in Philly that same evening. Doh! I guess I'll make that final decision later. It's really a win-win situation, I guess.

"Flashback Spring" continues tomorrow night with The Go-Go's at 9:30. Oh, Gina, how I've missed you. I saw Thomas Dolby with Fitz and Will last week. This week it's the Go-Go's. Next month it's Joe Jackson and Pat Benatar. It's just like being in high school again, except there's less Journey.

Sorry we didn't get to see more of you of Blowoff. We didn't stay as long as we usually do this month. It was kind of a blah day for both of us.
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