Wednesday, May 17, 2006


1...2...G-O-G-O !!

The Go-Go's simply rocked last night. If you were to ask me to put together a perfect Go-Go's setlist, I'd probably say "all of the first album, then a handful of hits and a cover or two." Well, sure enough, that's exactly what we got. They're touring to celebrate the 25th anniversary their first album and the first 45 or so minutes of the show was nothing but Beauty and the mother-f*&$ing Beat. Ho-ly cow. They didn't play it in the correct order, but they played every song from the record before moving on. It was awesome.

As soon as they finished the last track from BatB ("We Got The Beat") they jumped right in with the other hits. "Head Over Heels", "Cool Jerk", "Get Up And Go", "Beatnik Beach". Of course they played "Vacation", complete with beachballs bouncing around the room. Kudos to Kathy for bouncing a beachball off of her head without missing a note. They let some guy dance on stage with them during "Cool Jerk". Insult or Compliment? Who knows. I wish it had been me.

Jane looked like she'd rather be at the dentist, but she said she kept getting shocked when she tried to sing. I guess that would explain it, but I hear there's still a big grudge there. Whatever. She sounded good to me. Even on "Cool Places", which I could have done without. Everyone else looked like they were having a great time.

They closed with a cover of The Shangri-La's "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" which was amazing. Highlights were a completely stormin' "Head Over Heels" (did I just say that?), "Skidmarks On My Heart" and "How Much More". Tons-O-Fun.

Props to the guy who showed up in the party dress. He didn't look like he was really doing drag or trying to "pass". No make-up or wig or anything. He just looked like a typical business man who put on a pink party dress rather than a suit that day. The white purse, pearls and pink Chuck Taylor lowtops were perfect.

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