Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Slickee Reissue

France's Last Call Records has recently re-released a couple of hard-to-find Slickee Boys cds. Fashionably Late and Live At Last are now available as a mid-priced 2-disc set.

Unfortunately, there's no mention of remastering, no bonus tracks, the original artwork is restricted to a less-than-1-inch square on the back and the liner notes suck. Still - it beats paying $40+ on Ebay for each of the original cds.

I don't know much about Last Call. Their website is in French, so that doesn't help. There's a lot of New Rose info there though. I wonder if they have access to New Rose's back catalog? The Slickees were on New Rose for distribution in Europe, so that could make sense.

Anyway - You can get this cd from Amazon, but they only have a few copies left. I'd suggest you pick this up while you can.

Disconnected (live) - How can you not love a song that name-checks People's Drug Store?
Jailbait Janet (live)
Sleepless Nights

I just wanted to leave a quick note - I came across your blog. Seems like we were in a lot of the same places at a lot of the same times...same shows...same clubs...Poseurs in particular. To quote Bette Davis: "What a Dump!" - but it was my home away from home. I'll check back for music updates.
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