Sunday, April 02, 2006


R.E.M. Reunites (again)

The original 4-man line-up of R.E.M. reunited at a recent Minus 5 gig in Athens. Buck has been touring with the Minus 5 and Scott McCaughey has been helping R.E.M. both in the studio and on the road for years. It's not very surprising to find Michael and Mike in the crowd. I don't think a lot of people expected Bill Berry to show up though. I'll bet even fewer expected all 4 to get up on stage and play "Country Feedback".

There are some pics here and here. Note how they change the lineup for this song, with Berry playing bass and Mills on keyboards.

This isn't a recording from the reunion, but it's another nice live recording of "Country Feedback" taken from the "Later with Jools Holland" show on the BBC back in '98. Beautiful.

It's crazy what you could have had
It's crazy what you could have had
I need this

(photo from

Dammit! You ruined my Sunday ... but I was expecting it. I saw the Minus 5 in Atlanta Friday night (with a Mike Mills sit-in) ... thought that maybe, just maybe, the boys would all hit the stage for the Athens show last night ... but I opted instead for margaritas on a patio.
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