Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Ready, Art Brut?

I thought I had another bout of food poisoning, but everyone I've talked to is saying "that's been going around." 24-hours - sick as a dog. Then next 24 just feeling drained. I'm at about 80% today - I can live with that. Back to work today.


Luckily, I squeezed in the Art Brut show just before things started falling apart. I ended up sitting at the bar drinking water all night. I knew something wasn't quite right. Fantastic show though. Non-stop rockin' fun. "Ready, Art Brut?" I may actually download their record (that'll be a first for me.) $15 for a cd purchased at a show is a little too steep for me. I did walk out with a few Rogers Sisters 7"s though. Vinyl rules.

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