Saturday, April 15, 2006



I don't know much about Ladytron. I have the new cd and it kind of bores me. I can't listen to it without thinking that they sound just like Book of Love with a bit of Kraftwerk thrown in. But a good friend of mine from college said I should go check them out, so I went to their 9:30 gig last night. Much to my surprise, I discovered Ladytron is a real band. Drums, guitar, bass and (more than several) keyboards. They sounded pretty good, but after a few songs I found myself getting bored. All the songs started to sound the same. Moody, keyboard-based upbeat song. Moody, keyboard-based mid-tempo song. Repeat. They were much better than I expected, but it was still pretty dull.

I think a big part of the problem was that there was no room to dance. A sold-out 9:30 gig doesn't really leave much room to move. I'll bet it there were a few hundred fewer people there, the place would've been rockin'. As it was, there was very little choice but to stand still and stare straight ahead while they played. And let's face it - they're not the most exciting band to watch. The crowd had thinned-out a bit by the encores and people started getting into it. The last 4 songs were easily the highlight of the night.

They were better than I expected, but they still left me a little cold. I'll have to go back and try the cd a few more times. Maybe something will click.

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