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I recently remembered that I have an account over at dimeadozen - a bit-torrent-based site for sharing live music. I'm starting to fall back into the habit of downloading music faster than I can listen to it. But hey - I can think of worse habits to have. At least it's free.

One of the recent shows I downloaded was this short, early B-52's set. It's from a radio broadcast in Amsterdam, dated 2-15-80. It's interesting to hear them introduce a song as popular as "Private Idaho" and get virtually no response from the crowd.

The B's don't get enough respect. At one time they were a kick-ass party band. I have a not-so-secret crush on Cindy. Kate seems to get all the attention, but it's Cindy who has my heart. Top 10 Dumbek concert moment: Seeing the B's at the 40 Watt in Athens, standing about 5 feet from Cindy playing bongos and singing "Give Me Back My Man." swoon.

2-15-80 Amsterdam

Devil In My Car
Hero Worship (go Cindy!)
There's A Moon In The Sky
Rock Lobster
Private Idaho

photo taken from here

Smart man. Cindy is the heart of the B-52's; she sang the best, most memorable lines.
Did you live in Athens back in the day, or did you catch the show during a pilgrimage? I was at UGA when they were getting started, seeing them perform at outdoor parties. Great time to be young!
No - It was 1994, when Cindy returned from her brief hiatus. I'm an R.E.M. freak, so the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Athens AND see the return of Cindy was too good to pass up. I'll bet you saw some great shows back in the day.
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