Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Heavy Metal Parking Lot

A couple weeks ago, while on a vinyl binge at Joe's, I came across a DVD for this documentary called Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The concept is simple. It's a video of a bunch of people tailgating at a concert. The results are nothing short of hysterical. These 2 guys tape a bunch of teenagers outside of the Capital Centre on 5/31/86 at a Judas Priest show. Come see mid-80's Maryland's white-trash finest. Loud, f*$%ed-up and ready to ROCK! And the hair....Oh, the hair.

They used to show this video at the old 9:30 Club periodically. It had to be late 80's or very early 90's. I nearly fell over laughing the first time I saw it. Apparently, it's become quite the cult classic. It was so perfect. If you grew up in this area, you'd been in that exact setting many times. You've tailgated in that parking lot. You knew these people. You may have actually been one of these people. If my high school yearbook came to life, this is pretty much what it would look like.

On a more sentimental note, it's nice to see the old Cap Centre again. A lot of people hated it, but it was always good to me. It was nice to see the old logos, signs and entrances. So many memories there. One of the bonus features shows the old building imploding. Kinda sad.

This must be a pretty limited release - Amazon shows it as "not yet released" - although it appears to have been out for a few months. If you can track it down, it's worth picking up. But, lucky for you, it looks like you can stream the whole thing at the producer's website here (click on the "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" link on the left.) It's only 15 minutes long. Well worth your time - especially if you grew up going to shows at the Capital Centre. Trust me.

Update: A commentor says you can get the DVD from FilmBaby. The comment also points to what looks like could be an official website.

Git the DVD from FilmBaby
Oh that is truly scary! I went to school with these folks and dare I say it had one of the hair don'ts but wow is that just plain scary. Wonder what these folks do for a living these days.
I sometimes complain about not being my age in the 80s and having missed a lot of great bands. Now I realize I would have been miserable given the people in this film probably would have kicked my artfag ass daily.
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