Thursday, February 23, 2006


So Much To Do...

Tonight I had a hard time deciding between Metropolitan at the Warehouse and the dcist thing over at DC9 (Olivia and the Housemates, The Hard Tomorrows and DJ Leafblower). I'm opting for Metropolitan, because that's who the bf would rather see. You can't go wrong with either show though. I think The Hard Tomorrows are now at the top of my band-I-want-to-see-but-never-get-around-to-it list. One day.

Tomorrow? hmmm...toss up between the Teenbeat show at Galaxy Hut or WSC at Iota. Maybe I'll try to go to both, since they're right across the street from each other. Crap - I just noticed The Dance Party is playing with WSC. hmmm... I'll have to think about this one.

Saturday is an easy one. Blowoff at 9:30. Wouldn't miss it.

Sunday - I may go see Antelope at the Warehouse, if I have any energy left. I don't think they play out a lot.

I've had my own little mini-music-xmas over the last 2 days. I picked up the new Arctic Monkeys and Ray Davies cds yesterday. When I got home I found my yourmusic cd of the month waiting for me, along with an old-school DC punk classic that I recently ordered (vinyl rules). All that, plus my ticket for stellastarr*/The Editors arrived. Today I come home and find the Pearl Jam Xmas 7-inch waiting for me. I completely forgot I joined the PJ fan club last year. Score.

Off to Metropolitan. See ya.

Thanks for the tip on the T. Rex over at yourmusic,be sure to checkout the Richard Hell compliation it's most excellent
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