Saturday, February 11, 2006


Random Snowy Stuff


Despite that fact, I managed to get a lot done today. Work, haircut, gym... Maybe tonight we'll stay in and catch up on the dozen or so DVDs I've bought and never watched. Or maybe we'll just sit in the hot tub.

The Stones rocked. Plain and simple. How anyone can stay seated after hearing the opening riff to "Midnight Rambler" is beyond me. And going to the head when Keef is singing "Happy"? Good God people - he's 106 years old, done more drugs than the entire crowd at Woodstock and can he barely stand up. When he says "It's good to be here. It's good to be anywhere," he means it. There's a good chance he's going to croak before the song is over. Pay attention already.

Metropolitan is playing tonight at Galaxy Hut. I would normally be all over that, but I'm not going out in the snow. Especially when they're playing at The Warehouse on 2/23. Besides - I hate going to Virginia.

WSC is playing at CBGBs on 3/3. That might be worth taking a day off work for.

I saw (the sounds of) kaleidoscope last weekend. They'd fit in perfectly on the Children of Nuggets box. 60's psychedelia+a little Jesus and Mary Chain+a dash of Joy Division. Nice. I'll be back. French Toast was playing too. They were terrific, as usual. Random French Toast photo:

Been laying fairly low recently. We did manage to get out for Chemistry Lad's birthday party. That was fun. How could it not be fun? Cute boys, beer and cupcakes. mmmm....We had never been upstairs at Halo before . So very chic.

Caught up with this guy, who's had a hard time of things lately. Good to get him back home where he can properly recuperate.

Saw Mary Timony and Aquarium at The Cat on Thursday. I was shocked to see how crowded it was for Aquarium. (Is it "Aquarium" or "The Aquarium"?) I think they're great, but whenever I see them open for someone the crowd usually seems disinterested. Not Thursday. The crowd was definitely into them. Unfortunately, many of them left before Mary's fine set. She sounded great. And I'm not just saying that because her drummer's cute. I didn't realize she was a member of Autoclave. No wonder I dig her. Lots of people from other bands in the crowd too. I always think that's cool, seeing other bands digging each other. The BF picked up a free cd from The Dance Party at the show. Me likey.

Another gay Deadhead. We are everywhere.

AFI is having a free screening of The Concert For Bangladesh on 2/21. I may have to go to that.

hmmm...what's been a while....oh yeah - I'm growing a beard. We'll see how that works out.

Metropolitan - Headway (buy it)
Autoclave - It's Not Real Life (buy it)
(the sounds of) kaleidoscope - Oh My Mind (buy it)
The Dance Party - Nintendo Power (hmmm - dunno where you can buy it - go to a show and support them)

Aquarium is based here in D.C. My buddy Laura plays bass. They kinda rock.

Mary Timony, however, doesn't do much for me.

Oh, and I'm grateful that you boys made it to Chemistry Lad's birthday party.

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