Friday, February 24, 2006


Random Ramblings

hmm....DC9 has a new website. They've added a forum and a place for folks to upload pics of events from the club. Vast improvement. Check it out.

Speaking of DC9 - it looks like Two If By Sea will be taking up residence there soon. Look for them to be playing every Thursday in April.

The Original Sinners (yet another band featuring Exene) is coming to Baltimore on 3/26. I have their cd, but haven't listened to it in over a year. I need to dig that out. You can't go wrong with Exene though.

The Penn State Dance Marathon was last weekend. The proceeds go to support the Four Diamonds Fund, which helps kids fighting pediatric cancer. I think it's the biggest college fund-raiser in the country. They brought in just over $4.2 million this year. Yes, you read that right. $4.2 million. When I was in at PSU I was on the monetary committee for the Thon. I was one of the folks that got to actually count the cash. I must have rolled $5000 in quarters. I never realized how dirty money is. Good for them. It's a great cause.

Metropolitan was great last night - as usual. Caught the last few songs by The Eames Era. I've only heard a couple songs from their myspace page. Those had a real Tuscadero/Velocity Girl pop-vibe to them. Live they were a bit rowdier and sloppier - but in a really good way. They seemed like they were having a blast. I wish I had gotten there a little earlier. They closed with a cover of The Rosebuds' "Drunkards Worst Nightmare". Very nice.

I wish The Warehouse started shows earlier. Metropolitan didn't come on until after midnight. Kinda late for a school night. I know some people left early because they had to catch the Metro. As a result, I'm beat tonight. We're staying in to save our energy for Blowoff tomorrow. It's gonna rock. I promise.

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