Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Other than a few logistical problems at the beginning of the evening, Blowoff was a blast once again.

Most of the DC homo bloggers listed on the left were there, with a few notable exceptions. Throw in a couple of the NY-types from that list and you've got a heck of a party. I definitely agree with Clickboo that it's starting to gel a bit better. I only expect it to get better with time. The music was as good as ever - both the DJ sets and the live set kicked ass. The visuals add a great touch and make it a bit more of an "event" than a regular party.

Thanks to Bob, Rich and Nick for another great night!

Photos courtesy of Dinger, because I was too busy dancing, drinking and flirting to take pictures. If he doesn't post the others, I'll put 'em up on flickr.

Great photos! I finally got mine online. Can't wait to see the rest of yours.

I had a blast, and it was fun seeing you again.
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