Friday, February 17, 2006


10 Years And Counting...

Happy Anniversary!

Lord, You know they made a fine connection
They love each other

- "They Love Each Other" (Hunter/Garcia)

Congrats! Picture warms the heart Especially with the protestors in the back (snicker).
10 Years! Awesome! We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in May!
Congratulations! I love that another member of a same sex couple thinks about those lyrics! :-)

Brian and I celebrate 1 year on March 5.
Congratulations dears. 10 years is two and a half Presidential administrations, longer than any who's ever sat in the White House except FDR.

The protestors and the identical haircuts make for such great touches.
Much Love, and Sincere Congratulations to the both of you. Here's wishing you many MANY more to come.
Thanks everyone!
Awwww congrats guys!! Sorry I missed you in the bar - we'll do celebatory shots next time I see you boys out!

Many many more happy years are coming for you guys...

Congratulations & Best Wishes
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