Sunday, January 22, 2006


My Napster Days

You would think that back when Napster was all the rage, I would have been all over it - but I wasn't. I'm at the point in my life that when I want music I just go out and buy it. But that doesn't help when things are out of print, or only available as ridiculously over-priced imports.

I have exactly 4 cds worth of material I grabbed from Napster:

Fuzzbox - We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It
Tom Tom Club - Close To The Bone
The Slickee Boys - Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi

and one compilation cd of random songs.

The Fuzzbox and Tom Tom Club cds are still out of print. Actually, I don't think they were ever available on cd. The Slickees cd is now available as a cd-r from Twin-Tone, or directly from the band (if you happen to catch them at one of their annual reunion shows). I've since bought both versions of that one.

As for the compilation cd...some of those tracks are available in some form or another now, either on re-issues of the original discs or on compilations of some sort. Some of them I've gone back and purchased. But I admit - not all of them.

Anyway....Here are a few of the songs I stole off of Napster. I have all of these on vinyl though, so there's no real guilt :-)

Skafish - Joan Fan Club

If I could find the first Skafish (pronounced SKAY-fish) record on cd I'd buy it in a heartbeat. What a crazy record. One of those early, quirky IRS records. Skafish can be seen in Urgh! A Music War , but I've never seen it. Even the VHS version is hard to find and expensive once you do. I hear it's quite the treat. Please release that on DVD. Thanks.

Monks - Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face

Old school wackiness. It's available at Amazon, but it's a pricey import. They sound a bit like the old Stiff pub-rock bands. From the record Bad Habits.

They Might Be Giants - We're The Replacements

Once upon a time I thought TMBG were funny. That was about 20 years ago. My friends and I used to call their dial-a-song hotline every few days to hear their new songs. I lost interest after the first record though. I still think this song is cute. This was eventually released on a comp or two.

The Soft Boys - Give It To The Soft Boys

My introduction to this song was actually by The Young Fresh Fellows. They were playing at 9:30 as the opening act for...ummm....The Soft Boys. They covered one of the headliner's songs. How cool is that? From the long out-of-print Can Of Bees.
Did I mention that Robyn Hitchcock is the leader of The Soft Boys? He doesn't suck, you know.


The Monks song is one of my favs and it too is trapped on vinyl for me.
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