Monday, January 16, 2006


MAL / Blowoff

If you'd like to see me devolve into a stammering mess, just put me in a room full of hot guys with mohawks. I'll be useless for a bit, while my dirty little mind just goes into overdrive. Such was the case at MAL this weekend, where the eye-candy was just everywhere. So much to little time. But enough about my fetishes...

MAL was a blast, as always, but the highlight of the weekend was Blowoff. This was the big move from the basement of the 9:30 Club to the main room upstairs, where capacity moves from about 50 people to around 1000. We got there about an hour after doors opened and the place was already PACKED. There was a bit of a crossover from the MAL crowd, but it looked more like a local crowd than anything else. Bob and Rich kept everyone dancing all night and gave us a 5-song (or was it 6?) live set, which I assume consisted of songs from the upcoming Blowoff cd. Killer. That's definitely one not to be missed. Those guys definitely know how to throw a party.

It seemed like everyone was out for this one. Pick a gay DC blogger from the list on the left and I probably ran into them. I'll admit I was a little concerned about losing the vibe with the big move upstairs, I quickly forgot all about that, once I surrounded myself with a bunch of our friends. The music was as good as always and it was nice to have a little extra room to move about. I'm already looking forward next month's edition.

I'll keep all the dirty little secrets about both MAL and Blowoff to myself, but trust me - they were both fun :-)

The Australian gay boys, they love the mohawk. It's everywhere.
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