Tuesday, January 31, 2006


If You Can't Rock Me....

...somebody will.

Scoff all you want, indie-hipsters. We're going to see the mother-f---ing Rolling Stones tomorrow night. The new record kicks serious ass. They still put on one of the best rock and roll shows out there. I've purposely avoided looking up setlists, but I know it's gonna be chock full o' hits, a couple songs from the new record, a Keith song (or two) and a coupla nuggets I wouldn't expect. According to It's Only Rock 'n' Roll , Baltimore appears to be the smallest show of the tour (excepting a few rumored dates). It's gonna f-ing ROCK!

My first Stones show. The Tattoo You tour. The one where I got to pat Mick on the head. The one where Keith could barely stand up and kept running into the microphone during "Little T & A". The one that cost 1/10th of what we paid for tomorrow night. One of my top 5 concerts ever. I still have my shirt from that night. Setlist here.

I can't get Gilda Radner's "Gimme Mick" out of my head.

So. Very. Excited.

Have a GREAT TIME, Bro...

I am so jealous...LOL

I was also at a concert from the same tour as your pictured ticket stub.
Journey and George Thorogood were on the same bill at JFK Stadium in Philly... Saw the Grateful Dead the night before in Bethlehem, PA... they were late- claiming they were jamming with Mick & the boys.

it's hard to imagine a time when you could see the stones for less than $20...
I had four tickets to see the Stone at the LA Colliseum. Prince was opening, and I sold the tickets (for four times face value, the only time I've ever scalped anything in my life) when I learned the crowd was spitting on him.

I loved the Stones, but I hated seeing Prince abused even more.

The money from scalping the tickets bought many, many albums that fall!
I was wondering what you thought about the ridiculous 'censorship' The Stones got @ the Super Bowl...

Pretty silly, eh?

The censoring doesn't really bother me. I don't think it's really terribly appropriate to say "You make a dead man cum" or sing about tits and cocks during halftime.

And I guarantee the Stones knew about it and agreed to it beforehand.
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