Monday, January 09, 2006


First completely rambling post of 2006

Rambling Randomness....musical and otherwise...

Teenbeat is digging into their archives and releasing CD-R's of some of their earliest and rarest stuff. Things that were released back when they were a cassette-only label advertising in the back of fanzines. They come packaged with the original cassette covers along with a "six-panel custom digipak." The first batch of the "Teenbeat Originals" reissues includes Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice (the very first Teenbeat compilation cassette), the first Unrest cassette and William and Vivian - a group comprised of Mark and Phil from Unrest, plus Andrew from Eggs. All for a super-reasonable $8.99. Dig it!

Speaking of Teenbeat, they're supposedly doing at least one more anniversary show this year on 2/24 at The Galaxy Hut. No word on who's playing though.

I caught French Toast at The Black Cat on Saturday. As usual, they did not disappoint. They're a trio now, which gives them a more powerful sound and a bit more freedom in their playing. That being said, their newer stuff seems to be a bit more straightforward than the songs on In A Cave. It's a bit early to be making any judgments though. They're still a kick-ass band. Go buy their record.

The new We Are Scientists record comes out tomorrow. They totally blew me away when I saw them a couple months ago opening for Ambulance, Ltd. I hope the record holds up. Regardless, I'll be catching them in Baltimore next week.

Travis Morrison tomorrow at backstage at The Cat. Come show Travis some love.

Crazy week coming up. Travis, the probably-not-safe-for-work MAL , Blowoff at 9:30 (complete with Bob and Rich playing some tunes), Bluestate's first anniversary and Taint on Sunday. Yowza. The BF and I decided to just give-in and get a room downtown for the weekend. Let the trouble commence.

I fulfilled my homo-ly duty and saw Brokeback Mountain. Twice. The first time we found ourselves sitting in the very front row, which totally sucked. Not that I don't like the idea of being as close as possible to a larger than life naked Jake, but it was just physically difficult to watch from that vantage point. We went again last night to a nearly empty theater. Wow. Great flick. So very sad. Gene Shalit can kiss my ass. You can see Gene's review from a link on GLAAD's site.

I bought new sneakers this weekend. They're white. WHITE. Oh boy are they white. They're whiter than the Cleavers. I'm surprised you can't see the glow from where you're sitting. The BF tells me I look like a nurse. Dick. Feel free to step on my shoes the next time you see me.

And enough with the Sharon death-watch already. I don't need a special news bulletin telling me he moved a finger or his leg. Same goes for that guy who survived the mine thing. Let them be. The media attention is bordering on morbid. Stop it.

Relevant links:

We Are Scientists on Letterman (buy their new CD)

French Toast - Breakfast (buy it)

Travis Morrison - Born In '72 (buy me)

Enough already.

These songs aren't going to stay up too long, even though they're links directly from the band's and label's websites. If you like what you hear, go buy something or check them out live.

Hey, so did you get the We Are Scientists CD already?? Did you think it held up to the show? I think it's super-fantastic. I hope you're enjoying it too. And see you on Saturday, maybe? I'll definitely be spinning some W.A.S.
I picked it up yesterday. Love it. I was a little worried because I wasn't terribly impressed with the single's b-sides. But the cd seriously kicks.

I want to try to stop in on Saturday, even if it's just for a few minutes. If we do, it'll be really early. Happy Anniversary!
Yes, the songs on the album are much better than the single B-sides.

Thanks for the anniversary congrats! Hopefully you guys can put in an unfashionably early appearance at bluestate before a fashionably late appearance at Blowoff.
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