Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Coulda Shoulda Woulda

I forgot to mention another CD getting released today.

Old-school DC punks Black Market Baby just released an comp of old singles, album tracks, compilation songs, etc. It's called Coulda... Shoulda... Woulda...: The Black Market Baby Collection and it's being distributed by Dr. Strange Records.

Black Market Baby was an odd beast. Not exactly punks, but definitely loud and fast. Straight-Edge they definitely weren't. Loud, fast, drunk and often a bit of an attitude...but always a good time.

Buy this compilation so you don't have to spend $60+ for a copy of Senseless Offerings on Ebay. It's only $8. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


Youth Crimes
Potential Suicide
America's Youth
World at War
Downward Christian Soldiers
White Boy Funeral
Senseless Offerings
Strike First
Killing Time
This Year's Prophet
Gunpoint Affection
Three Bullets
Drunk and Disorderly
Just Like All the Others
Back Seat Sally
Bloodstreet Boys
Which One Am I?
Sixteen Forever
Joe Nobody
Cheap Fun
Creature Feature
Lip Service
It's Too Late
Drunken Bull
Nobody Wanted Us (live)

The pic, tracklist and songs are all pulled from their officially unofficial website. The song links are only up for a few days (unless they tell me I can leave them up forever.) This is a good comp. Go pick yourself up a chunk of DC punk history.

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