Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ugh. Sick today. Blech.

Birthday weekend in a nutshell:

Thursday - The official start of birthday weekend. Typical Lantern/Eagle Thursday. Ran into a few of our regular buds and a few folks we haven't seen in ages. Drank a little more than usual and stayed out later than I should. Let the fun commence.

Friday - The BF took me out to dinner, followed by a little hot tub time. We decided to stay in, knowing the rest of the weekend would be a bit busy.

Saturday - Our friend Bob came down from Philly to catch Dark Star Orchestra at 9:30. Stop cringing. Yeah, they're a Grateful Dead cover band, but they're an amazing Grateful Dead cover band. The sold-out club was packed, but there was just enough room to dance. Great show, highlighted by the guest appearance of none other than Donna Jean Godchaux Mackay - former singer with the Dead from around '72-'79. Hearing her singing "There's a band out on the highway..." during "The Music Never Stopped" was just fantastic. The crowd ate it up. The second set was just spent dancing non-stop. I need that every now and then. Dead music kind of centers me. The music just forces you to dance like you don't have a choice in the matter. It's just such a huge emotional and physical release, it's like going to a religious revival. I really miss that sometimes. I don't usually realize just how much I miss it until I get to experience it again.

Sunday - The BF arranged for us to meet up with a few of our friends over at Halo, then a few more later over at Taint. My first time at Halo. Probably not the last. Quite swanky in that I-wanna-be-NYC kind of way. Taint was a blast - surrounded by lots of great folks, great music, more dancing and a rather bizarre gay rap group. Not bad for a Sunday.

Monday - My actual birthday. X at 9:30. Make no mistake - they can still bring it. John Doe hits that perfect combo of playing his ass off while still looking like he's having a great time. Billy Zoom is still a bit disturbing, but he looks like he's actually having fun these days, rather than having that I'm-smiling-but-I'm-about-to-go-postal stare. His playing appears so effortless, rarely looking down to the point that it seems like he doesn't even realize he's playing guitar. Exene is, well, Exene. Not everyone can pull off a housedress like that and still kick your ass. So many great songs: "Los Angeles", "Soul Kitchen", "White Girl", "Johnny Hit And Run Paulene", "Hungry Wolf", "Breathless", "We're Desperate", "Devil Doll" and so many more. What a great f-cking band.

Day off Tuesday, figuring I would just lay around and let my body detox for a while. Bought the Xmas tree, but we haven't done anything with it yet.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in making my birthday a complete blast. Being surrounded by lots of friends means the world to me. I'm not going to name names or link anyone, because I'm sure I'll forget someone and feel like a heel. You know who you are. Thanks a lot!

I seem to have caught a cold sometime during my carousing over the weekend and it's finally catching up to me. Ugh. I'm supposed to meet up for a bit of a birthday celebration for someone else tonight, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it. Someone please buy this guy some whisky for me.

GD - Music Never Stopped
X - Johnny Hit And Run Paulene (live)
X - We're Desperate (live)

mp3s are for sampling purposes only. If you like what you hear, go buy something. You can get Dead music here and X music here. It'll be money well spent - trust me.

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