Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Biggie Duets

Slain rapper Biggie resurrected for 'Duets'

Diddy is putting out a new record full of newly recorded duets featuring Notorious B.I.G.

The Bad Boy Entertainment/Atlantic Records album pairs the voice of Biggie with some of today's most popular artists and producers, among them Eminem, Jay-Z, R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige.


Biggie also is joined on several duets by other such departed legends as reggae artist Bob Marley, rapper Big Pun and his most notable rival, Tupac Shakur...

Wow. Talk about bad taste. Putting dead people together to sing duets that never really happened. Didn't B & T hate each other?

"Different people wanted to utilize his vocals and do duets with him on mix tapes," he said. "It showed us that (a), there was still a huge demand for people to hear Biggie's vocals, and (b), that other artists still had love for Biggie even though he had such a short career."

You left out (c), the Biggie money-train is too good to pass up.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it'll be a touching, sensitive tribute done it a totally classy and respectful way.

"We're partnering with the Loews movie theaters, so you're going to hear his music there," Wiley said. "You're also going to see posters and standees (in the theaters) like there's a movie coming."

Bad Boy also has joined with Wal-Mart and BET to sell a CD/DVD combo that offers consumers a chance to win a limited-edition double-face Notorious B.I.G. watch.

In addition, a never-before-seen Pepsi commercial that the rapper shot shortly before his death will be resurrected.

Oh, good Lord. What would his mother think about something like this?

Bad Boy has teamed with Biggie's mother, Violetta Wallace, for a promotional tour that will push the album and her memoir, "Biggie."

hmmm.... You know...I'm all for posthumous releases...b-sides, demos, unreleased tracks, etc. Get the songs out there for the world to enjoy and let the estate make a little money. But this just reeks of greed. Maybe if the artists donated all of their proceeds from this to charity (or to Biggie's mom), I'd be more tempted to believe they were doing it for sentimental reasons. I don't doubt most of the artists are doing this out of their love for the man. Especially Biggie's mom. But I also think they see big dollar signs in front of them.

This whole thing is just kinda creepy.

So I guess Nat King Cole and Johnny Cash wern't available?
Nat just gets covered by his daughter, like that other parent daughter team, the Rivers.

Biggie's mother is pimping out her son's memory like I'm sure he would hers. Ah family love...
Dead people singing is just wrong. Once as a stunt, OK. To make money, gruesome.
Totally agree with you. They love to milk the dead rappers for all the money they can get (w/o their permission, obviously). Sad.
And you know P. Diddley will claim to have invented this type of record much like how he claimed to have invented the remix - eyes rolling
Underneath it all, I believe that Diddy simply loves and misses his best friend. This helps Biggie's family maintain the lifestyle that they had grown accustomed to. However, I do agree that Diddy also realizes that Biggie was his "Biggest" cash cow ever! He will milk it for as long as he can. So get used to it.
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