Monday, November 21, 2005

Working late tonight. Well...not exactly working. I'm basically just sitting in the office waiting for the maintenance people to fix something. They've been "on the way" for over 2 hours now. Ugh.

Echo and The Bunnymen: Really good, but I'll stop short of saying "great". "Do It Clean", "Over The Wall" or "Happy Death Men" could have pushed it into "great" territory. At least they played "Rescue", which they refused to play the first time I saw them 20+ years ago. Ugh - I'm old. The band sounded fine. Ian too. "Walk On The Wild Side" and "Roadhouse Blues" were surprising. Surprising to me anyway, since I didn't look at any of the previous setlists. I would never recognize Ian if I saw him on the street today. My image of him is totally locked in 1984, with all that puffy hair.

I saw something I've never seen at The Black Cat before. Someone slipped one of the doormen some cash to let them in. I'm sure that happens all the time, but it's the first time I've ever seen it. And yes, they got in.

I got home kinda late from visiting the parents on Saturday, so we just stayed in. My loss. Those Bluestate pics look like it was a blast.

OK Go was last night. Damn, they were fun. Pure Pop Goodness. Why aren't these guys huge? It's perfect, happy, fun music. The world needs more of that. I was shocked that The Cat was only half-full. And despite the fact that I'm totally tired of hearing about their little dance routine for "A Million Ways", it was fun as hell to watch them do it as the encore. I think I got a decent pic or two. I'll post one when I get home.

Shortstack opened for OK Go. This sounds kind of weird, but they're sort of a cross between X and The Knitters. Much more twangy than X. Much more rockin' than The Knitters. The occasional off-kilter harmonies is what's bringing me back to comparing them to those guys. Pretty entertaining, but it went on a bit long in my opinion. At least I had a seat at the bar. They're definitely worth checking out though.

At least I had a seat at the bar for Shortstack. Although I got to watch one of the bartenders raise the price of Yeungling from $4.50 to $5. Apparently, it was only at her end of the bar. The guy on my end never changed the board and only charged me $4.50 all night. Maybe she ran out of quarters.

I walked out of The Black Cat with a handful of vinyl, including what appears to be a one-sided 7" of "A Million Ways." Vinyl rules.

And in completely unrelated news:

Paterno, Penn St. win 1st Big Ten title since ’94

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