Sunday, November 27, 2005


Thanksgiving Weekend Stuff

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. We had a good one - spent with family and friends.

It started Thanksgiving morning, with our usual holiday tour of Maryland. We picked the BF's mom up in Germantown, then drove down to my parents' house in southern Maryland for your basic Thanksgiving feast. My mother (the excessive baker) made 9 different desserts for a crew of about 11 people. Cakes, pies and whatever else she could think of. De-licious.

We learned several things about my 2.5 year-old niece:

1) She likes to talk on the banana like it's a telephone:

2) She likes coffee:

3) She likes to say the word "diarrhea".

(sorry - no audio clips of that)

Since I wasn't going to see my family for my birthday (that would require visiting my parents 4 times in 4 weeks. That ain't gonna happen.), we had a bit of a birthday celebration too. In addition to the plethora of other desserts, my mother tracked down my favorite ice cream cake from years ago - none other than Cookie Puss himself.

Yes - That's a "40" on the cake. Shut up.

So we had a great day. A very long day, but just one day. No significant travel involved. The rest of the weekend was ours.

Friday night we trekked out to Annapolis to catch Bob at The Ram's Head in Annapolis. Thanks to my navigational prowess, we made a wrong turn and ended up on Main Street rather than West Street. It was an uneventful mistake, readily fixed, but I should point out that about 10 minutes later some of the buildings we had just driven past on Main Street caught on fire. Like, a 5-alarm fire literally a few minutes later. Yikes.

The show was great, as expected. Our seats were ridiculously close. Uncomfortably close. It was almost like I had Bob standing on my desk at work. Not that that would be a bad thing, I guess. The BF could have easily propped his feet up on the stage. We had a great view, obviously, but I think next time we may opt for a few rows back. The music was great though - which is all that really matters. Bob seemed to have a few problems keeping his 12-string in tune, but I think that bothered him more than anyone else. Really nice, intimate show. I like The Ram's Head. My first time seeing a performance there. Nice space.

Saturday was split between the gym, napping and an AbFab marathon on BBC. We met up with a bunch of friends at Remingtons later that night. Yeehaw! We haven't been there in probably 8 years or so. We had a blast, all while managing to avoid dancing and partaking in the karaoke. I also happened to learn that the BF worked there many years ago. Who knew? Sean wrote up a nice little summary of the evening.

And that brings us to today, which has been even lazier than yesterday. Getting home at 3:30am is to blame for that. It's still fairly early though. I won't completely give up on being productive yet.

Shows this week - Bob Mould again. This time at The Birchmere on Tuesday. Kristin Hersh is opening. That promises to be a fun show. Highly recommended. Dark Star Orchestra at 9:30 on Saturday. Closer to the Gratfeul Dead experience than any of their semi-lame offshoot bands. I think our friend Bob is coming down from Philly for this. That promises to be a good time.

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